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The idea behind VonWood

We aim at transforming the timber industry, pioneering a new era of digital procurement. Our innovative platform seamlessly connects buyers and sellers, eliminating obstacles and fostering a more sustainable and efficient ecosystem.

By leveraging technology and a deep commitment to sustainability, VonWood is redefining the way timber is sourced, traded, and utilised. Our technology enables you to get better deals, but also smoother administration, better financing and efficient logistics. That makes VonWood more than just the only viable marketplace for timber, but an essential solution for businesses using timber.


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A group of inspired people that will change the timber trade with our digital timber platform

Vonwood is founded by a team of people who are highly experienced in both the timber trade and in digital innovation. Our team of motivated colleagues want to contribute to a fair, sustainable and smart timber trade.

Laurens Groenendijk


Bastiaan Ressenaar


Jorg van der Zanden


What we stand for

Our values


We are proponents of an honest timber trade. The highest quality timber combined with transparency. Suppliers and buyers are validated by VonWood. Payments and deliveries are guaranteed by VonWood.


We want you to focus on what you do best. Suppliers or buyers: we are always ready to help. In just a few clicks you can buy or sell volumes of timber. We keep you up to date before, during and after the sales process, arrange your digital administrative records and organise transportation.


Our planet is precious. That is why we help suppliers produce more efficiently and buyers to buy in a more effective way. We cannot keep on cutting trees without protective measures. That is why we also plant extra tress throughout the year. Additionally we aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.


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For buyers

How do I place a request?

Placing a request on the VonWood platform is easy and free. In your request, please indicate which wood species, types, processing level, amounts and dimensions you need.

What happens after I have placed a request?

We will then make your request known to the most suitable sawmills. Within 48 hours, you will receive your quotes. You can then decide which quote works best for you.

Can I make changes to my request?

You cannot change your request. If, after 48 hours you decide not to accept any of the quotes you have received, your request will be removed and you will have no further obligations.

What if I have received the best quote?

You decide what the best quote is for your needs. The sawmill will be notified and will then start to prepare your order. In the week the delivery is scheduled to take place, we will ensure timely delivery.

What kind of wood can I order from VonWood?

At this moment we are only offering timber, but in the very near future we will also be adding other types and applications such as sheet material and facade cladding to our assortment. Currently we offer all kinds of European wood types, including spruce, pine, birch, Douglas and oak. You can easily order various thicknesses and lengths, but also types such as battens, beams and slats. We are here to make buying all your scheduled bulk timber much easier!

What are the buyer payment terms?

We offer a range of financing options to suit your business needs.
14-Day Payment: Take advantage of our shortest payment option and pay no extra fees (0.0% fee).
30-Day Payment: Spread out your payment over 30 days and enhance your cash flow management against a small fee of 2%.
60-Day Payment: Benefit from extended payment terms and optimise your liquidity position with an additional fee of 5%.
90-Day Payment (coming soon): Stay tuned for our most flexible payment option, ideal for liquidity optimisation at a fee of 7%.

For suppliers

How do you submit a quote?

We immediately notify you when a contractor has placed a request that matches your production level. Please note: it really pays off to submit a quote quickly because only the first 5 bidders will participate. So, don't wait too long before submitting a quote!

What happens when someone agrees to my quote?

As soon as someone agrees to your quote, you have a deal! You will be notified of this and then it is time to start preparing the order. Once you have prepared your order, you can indicate this on the platform. We will then make sure you get paid right away. Guaranteed.

What role does VonWood play in the process?

We are here to expedite your work and make it more efficient so that you can focus on producing the right timber. That is why we arrange the payment, transport and digital administration. We keep you informed of each step of the sales process, the status of the order and what we expect of you.

How does VonWood organise the transport?

You only need to indicate that the order is ready for pick-up. We will handle the transport from your location.

Can any sawmill become a member?

Certainly not! We only allow sawmills that meet our admission requirements for volume, certification and quality. We will personally inspect each sawmill in order to safeguard quality.

What are the seller payment terms?

We offer a range of financing options to suit your business needs.
30-Day Payment: VonWood pays the full amount within 30 days of the invoice date (after delivery of goods) at a 0.0% fee
14-Day Payment: VonWood pays the full amount within 14 days of the invoice date (after delivery of goods). At a fee of 2%.
Payment on Delivery: VonWood pays the full amount on the day of delivery of goods. At a 4% fee.
Upfront Payment (coming soon): VonWood pays the full amount before the goods are delivered. At a fee of 5%.

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