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More customers at better prices without extra costs
Better planning thanks to having insight into the long-term demand
immediate payment once the order is ready
Transport arranged throughout all of Europe
Streamline your timber trade with Vonwood

Sell your timber in 3 steps

Stay alert, study the requests and submit quotes

We will send you a notification with every relevant request. You can decide on the price you quote.

Deal? Time to produce

A soon as a contractor accepts your quote, the deal has been made and it is time to prepare the order!

Load you timber and get paid

When the order is ready to be picked up, we pay you immediately and start planning the transport. This means you will never have to worry about late payments or transport problems again.

We are much more than just a marketplace

More revenues, more efficient work and the right support

With all the middlemen active in the trade today, you can't see the forest for the trees. Take back the control over your own sales process! No extra work pressure, but better conditions. Sounds good, right? We can help you come into direct contact with serious contractors. Sell volume at a good price and let us do the rest!


Increase your revenues

Forget the agents, wholesalers and importers. Relevant requests from dozens of contractors are brought directly to your attention. This is how you can increase your revenues up to 15%!

More customers

Bolster your sales process with just a few clicks by responding to requests, selling volume and making deals. You sell directly to major contractors. No more middlemen, but higher margins instead.

Broaden you supply market

We bring the requests of major contractors to your attention in no time. This takes place locally, nationally or across the other side of Europe.

vonwood image
vonwood image

Work more efficiently and more ecologically

Change your sawmill's approach from made-to-stock to made-to-order. Don't start to produce until an order has been placed.

More precise production

Gain insight into the upcoming needs of contractors. This is how you can make your operations more efficient and always produce the right quantities.

Sell your inventory

You can always include your current inventory when negotiating deals. Streamline your operations with sharp pricing.

Receive the right support

Focus on the production and sale of timber. Let us handle the administration, transport and payment! This way, we both contribute to a better planet.

Administrative support

All your packing slips can be found in one convenient digital location. We will keep you up to date throughout the entire sales process, from request to payment.

Guaranteed payment and transport is arranged

Once you have indicated that the orderis ready to be picked up, we pay you immediately - this is our guarantee! We will be at your doorstep for pick up on the scheduled date.

We replant two trees for every one used

Responsible entrepreneurship is important to us. Certainly considering that the supply of wood is not infinite. Once a delivery has been successfully completed, we give back to the planet by planting two trees for every one used.

The best sawmills

The number of orders from international sawmills is growing rapidly. When will you join us?

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