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Decree on constructions and living environment

Welcome to the Transition from the Building Decree to the BBL: A New Chapter in Construction!

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A New Chapter in Construction! 🏗️

We are on the verge of an exciting time in the construction world. In 2023, the Environmental Act comes into effect, and with it, we welcome a new star: the Building Environment Decree (BBL), which takes over the torch from the Building Decree. The BBL has a lot in common with its predecessor but also brings fresh air. Let’s explore the key changes together, with special attention to health regulations such as noise, ventilation, moisture, and daylight. 🌞

New Layout: Each Construction Phase Gets Its Own Place 📑

First of all, the entire BBL gets a brand new layout. Instead of categorizing by subject like in the old Building Decree, the BBL is neatly organized by construction phase. For new constructions and existing buildings, a lot remains the same, but for renovations, it's an adventurous journey through the BBL. 😊

A New Framework: Building Quality Assurance Decree 📋

The BBL also introduces the framework for the execution of the Building Quality Assurance Decree. With this, the assessment of building constructions gradually shifts from the municipality to an independent party. Exciting times for quality assurance!

Health Regulations: Focus on Noise Shielding 📢

As for health regulations, there’s a significant shift in focus on the soundproofing of facades. Let’s dive deeper:

Customization 🛠️

In the BBL, municipalities can get a little creative! They can now deviate from standard rules for specific projects within certain limits. This is customized and recorded in an environmental plan. When it comes to health, customization is primarily possible for requirements regarding noise shielding of facades.

From ‘Deaf Facades’ to ‘Non-Noise Sensitive Facades’ 🤫

There’s a name change in town! ‘Deaf facades’ turn into ‘non-noise-sensitive facades’. This new term entails stricter requirements for noise shielding but also offers more flexibility for openings in the facade, provided they are well shielded.

Stricter Noise Shielding Requirements 🚧

With the advent of the BBL, requirements for noise shielding become stricter, as noise pollution will now be determined based on the total noise instead of individual sources. This can lead to more robust noise shielding measures, especially when there are multiple sources of noise.

Clearly Formulated: Legally Acquired Level 📏

The concept of the legally acquired level remains, but the BBL phrases it clearer by referring to 'the allowed quality level just before the renovation'. This ensures better quality guarantees after renovation.

Usage Requirements Waving Goodbye for Non-Residential Functions 🏢

There is a slight change that can impact how we test health regulations. In the BBL, spaces that were previously not considered as living spaces due to their dimensions can now be regarded as such.

Please Note: Staying Up-to-Date is Important! 📆

This explanation is based on the versions of the Building Environment Decree and the Building Quality Environment Decree of April 22, 2021. Things can change, so make sure you are always aware of the latest information.

And there you have it! We hope you’re as excited about these new developments as we are. Let’s work together to create amazing living environments! 🏡💙

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